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REALAX® reports are sold in the following packages.  
    REALAX® report pricing*
            Single Report = $24.99
            Five Report Plan = $49.99
            50 Report Plan = $400 annual
            100 Report Plan = $700 annual
REALAX® reports are currently available on agents licensed in   California and Texas. Announcement will be made when REALAX® reports are available in other states.
*There is no expiration on searches. All plans are cancelable. Unused portions are refundable.
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Our Mission: REALAX® brings respect and integrity to the real estate industry by supporting the professionals who uphold ethics and standards.
REALAX®, LLC does not independently verify the accuracy or authenticity of the information contained in the REALAX® report which is provided "AS IS." The information in the report is compiled from public records and other sources and is not guaranteed nor is it intended as legal advice or opinion.
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