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REALAX® identifies agents who have been involved in a lawsuit, claim, or breached the standard of care.
We give you the tools and information to identify agents with verified experience and competency.
We are helping the real estate industry return to what it is really about: Helping people succeed in their real estate transactions!

How to Use REALAX®

If you intend to work with a real estate agent simply look up their name and state in the REALAX® database after purchasing a search bundle.
The report serves two purposes:
1. To let you know the claims and litigation history of an agent before you begin the transaction.
2. To let REALAX Certified™ professionals demonstrate they have a qualified professional history and meet or exceed the standard of care. Better agents do better deals.

What's in a REALAX® Report?

The report tells you if an agent has a history of lawsuits and claim activity.
We tirelessly investigate our data sources around the clock. Data is compiled into a neatly outlined report to serve as an additional industry tool in your toolbox.
A REALAX® report presents basic details of an agent's incidence history including:
                License Number
                Date of Incident
                The employing broker at the time of incident
                The plaintiff/opposing party
                REALAX CertifiedTM status

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Our Mission: REALAX® brings respect and integrity to the real estate industry by supporting the professionals who uphold ethics and standards.
REALAX®, LLC does not independently verify the accuracy or authenticity of the information contained in the REALAX® report which is provided "AS IS." The information in the report is compiled from public records and other sources and is not guaranteed nor is it intended as legal advice or opinion.
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